This week I had the pleasure of visiting several schools.    I had a pivotal moment when visiting Grandview.

The Principal introduced me to a young man named Aidan, who at only 8 years old was, in her words,  “Doing something incredible”!

Aidan had viewed Kid President’s video about Socktober.   Here’s the video link if you haven’t seen it.

Well it seems that the video really spoke to Aidan and within days of seeing the video a flyer created by Aidan had been sent home, socks started flowing into the school and kids (this is a K-3 school) started making a serious difference by collecting Socks for nearby Shelters for the Homeless.

Here’s a picture of the letter that went home with all students!  And another of the second batch of socks that these amazing kids have collected.

10745020_10205266087596540_734067970_n[1]                                        10743444_10205266087796545_1978309709_n[3]

Once again…our students have amazed me.  Consider the power viewing Kid President’s video has had on this small K-3 school.  I know that our future is in great hands (and feet) when I see acts of incredible kindness like this initiated by our youngest students.

Way to go Aidan!

Way to go Grandview!

This adult is in awe of you!



What George and Basketball Have Taught Me

Today was an amazing day.

Last May I had the pleasure of hearing George Couros’ keynote address via an e-learning conference hosted during the OAME conference.  That day in May he touched my heart and I knew immediately that I wanted the awesome educators in our board to hear his message.

So, today George came to Bracebridge.  He made us laugh and cry and cheer and clap.  He even made himself cry!  My favourite line of the day was when George was wiping his tears, “Sorry, I find myself so inspirational.”  And he was!

He put change and hardship in perspective by telling stories of his Dad and his Greek family.   It put the change and hardship we see daily in education into perspective.  When you consider the challenges that George’s Dad was faced with when he first came over to Canada, can we really complain about moving from Word to Google Docs?

This year I learned about change and hardship from my daughter.  On February 10th, Alexis tore her ACL and meniscus while playing basketball.  What followed was 6 weeks on crutches, surgery in June, inclusion in an ACL study at the University of Western Ontario and hours and hours of physiotherapy.  And you know what…she still wants to play basketball.  To me that is resiliency, dealing with change and having heart.  Alexis teaches me so much every day.


So thank you @gcouros for an amazing day and thank you Alexis and basketball for teaching me that change is good.

Today I have written my first blog post.  I plan on making my learning public from now.

I am an educator questioning my way forward.  And I look forward to the questions and the change.

Today was an amazing day!